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Ну вот теперь я и в докладе Human Rights Watch

Ну вот теперь мое дело не только в суде но и в докладе Human Rights Watch.

" In August 2014 the case began against Andrei Marchenko, an LGBT rights activist alleged to be a leader of the “gay terrorist underground” in the Far Eastern city of Khabarovsk. His case, under which he is charged with public calls to “extremist activity” under Article 280.1 of the Criminal Code, is still in court. Prosecutors say various posts Marchenko made to Facebook contain “calls to violence” against a "selected social group, Russian citizens.” Marchenko told Human Rights Watch that he has been under surveillance since 2009 in relation to his participation in an annual flash mob in support of LGBT rights in Khabarovsk.

Marchenko’s apartment was trashed in a search related to the charges, and he was interrogated repeatedly by the local FSB, who claimed a key goal of “gay society” in Khabarovsk was to stoke a “color revolution” like those that had overturned leaders in Georgia and Ukraine. In the search, security officers seized multiple phones and computers, as well as equipment like a modem and external hard drives.

“Of course,” Marchenko told Human Rights Watch, the case was a “triggered by my activism on Facebook and LiveJournal regarding human rights in Russia, LGBT rights, and my opinion and stance against war in Ukraine.” And as he is charged with criminal extremism, Marchenko’s finances have been frozen, and he has been unable to work since the initiation of the case. “Actually, for a year now I've been living off the support of friends,” he told Human Rights Watch. Even prior to the trial, he continued, the court placed limits on “my right to work, earn money, pay rent and loans, and to move around the country and the world – since my passport disappeared” in the search of his apartment.

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