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NIX Solutions Provides All Conditions for a Career Start and Development from Free Educational Cours

 NIX Solutions Provides All Conditions for a Career Start and Development from Free Educational Courses up to Top Brass Positions
Gone are the days when young folks were obliged to finish school and graduate from University to get a job! Today they may choose another way. They can accumulate their own knowledge base using possibilities, offered by today’s world. They can also take advantage of successful companies (the best of which, NIX Solutions Ltd., for example, educates people in different spheres and does it for free) that let youngsters start with aces and provide them with a chance to occupy a position in the company and develop a career. This is valid for either the educational center or the global market. This method of searching for a job is not widely spread in Ukraine yet and is met with in the IT sphere mostly. Anyway, it is worth considering.

What Ways Use IT Companies’ Top Brass to Make a Staff?

The Ukrainian educational system is going through a period that is not simple. It still maintains itself and keeps close to the level established in Soviet Times. However, this level does not meet modern requirements. The majority of HPR departments keep asking if a candidate has a diploma in an appropriate business sphere and considering it just as an additional confirmation of high erudition level. The others prefer to escape formalities and appreciate a candidate’s knowledge base, skills, ask whether he or she is able to render QA services, etc. There is one more category of companies, that have high demands for potential employees, but all of them are ready to create competent professionals from the very beginning on a turn-key basis, a new army of IT guys that will not give companies cause for complaints!

Being successful enough, some companies that carve their niche in IT sphere choose this way. These companies educate employees both for themselves and for the entire market segment. They set up their own standards in their fields, mostly high ones. What does it mean for a job seeker in the labor market? This is a strong prospect to develop a successful career.

We are not going to consider multitude programs, courses, and opportunities in the IT sphere on the whole. We will revise the most interesting thing—free possibilities to be more exact. The highly experienced company, NIX Solutions, has the largest amount of shares in the appropriate Kharkov market. The company has also established a strong relationship with Israel and prefers making deals on the Upwork platform. Feel free to check out the enterprise’s profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, and Facebook. Do not forget to read the NIX Solutions’ blog in order to keep on track with IT trends.

What Can Educational Courses Offer for Students?

At first, we should mention that NIX Solutions Ltd. has an educational center offering several courses, subject to various spheres, as apps developing, programming, and business analytics tool creating. You may take all of these courses absolutely for free. This is not a promotion that suggests one free lesson and then asks for paying a large amount for further education.

As you may guess, the education is focused on practice and training techniques that may serve a novice specialist well while working on NIX Solutions’ or other IT companies’ projects.

Highly skilled experts and experienced IT specialists teach the students. Many of them have started their education in this very center. Alex, tutoring new students in the SharePoint sphere, claims: “I remember the time five years ago, as I made a risky decision and gave up all I had – studying at the University, attending lousy job—and came to NIX Solutions for educational courses. I finished the courses, occupied the position of a helpdesk analyst, and kept looking for my place in the world. It opened up new horizons, which seemed good prospects to me. Now all my colleagues call me no less than an “expert.” This pleases my ears and proves the validity of the NIX Solutions’ approach.”

All students are offered full-time training in evenings (in off-work hours). The maximum course duration is equal to four months; minimum lasts just three weeks. At a certain time of year different projects are started, so the NIX Solutions center operates all year through, as regular educational establishments do, and have students at all times.

What to Do Next, after Courses Are Finished?

Education is useful anyway, but what prospects have those that have finished the NIX Solutions’ courses? No one can give students any guarantees both at the beginning and at the end of the educational process. The company tries to achieve its own goals and to find those students who will be accepted in staff and occupy open positions. The main purpose of the tutors is to enrich students’ knowledge base and to reveal totally plug-and-play guys, those ones who will serve this company and the Ukrainian IT sphere in a brilliant way.

Actions speak louder than words. If you look though a NIX Solutions stat report, you will see that 45% of staff is composed of people starting their career from free education at the company’s courses. Many of them are now top brass and help to make new staff, as Alex does. Besides, be sure to check reviews left by the students on different social media. You may also download the company’s app to get a clue about the service quality.

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